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Face and Body Care

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Experience purely radiant skin with help from African nature. On this page you'll find what it takes to fight acne, aging, cellulite and more! We've compiled nature's most powerful healers into these products. You can enjoy the healing power of natural shea butter, tea tree oil, African black soap and more. Your skin will be nourished, and your senses will be refreshed and rejuvenated.

Have a skin care concern? Desired Diva is here to help! When it comes to your skin, we've searched high and low for the most powerful healing ingredients from nature. With so many unsafe synthetic chemicals being used in skin care products today, we know it can be hard to feel good about what you put on your skin. That's why these products only have ingredients like Virgin Coconut oil, natural shea butter, Moroccan argan oil, green tea extract and more. We want your skincare regimen to be a luxury you look forward to every morning and night. We want you to feel good about the nutrients you are giving your skin. These ingredients are packed to the brim with vitamins and antioxidants your skin craves. Pure shea butter does wonders for your skin, softening and gently clearing away stretch marks and scarring. Tea tree oil deeply cleanses your skin, fighting away harmful bacteria and minimizing the appearance of acne. Our black soap facial wash is made with luxurious African coffee, which exfoliates your skin while providing vital antioxidants. I've been carded! Face and body cream has jojoba oil, which deeply moisturizes and protects your skin from free radicals and pollution. Coffee butter cream is a completely luxurious healer that gives you a fragrant, nourishing experience. The caffeine in coffee minimizes the appearance of cellulite and tones and tightens your skin for a more youthful appearance. Who knew body butter could be so much fun? We enrich nearly all of our products with African shea butter, which deeply conditions your skin, leaving you soft and smooth while reducing age spots and scarring. Have a luxurious, carefree skincare experience with Africa's most beloved natural healers.

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